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Can you make custom-made troupes for children?
Our specialty is making custom-made troupes for children
How long does a troupe costume take to make?
Troup costumes a can be made in 1-4 weeks, depending on how busy we are. Please don’t hesitate to ask.
Do you send your products overseas?
Yes we do send products overseas. Please make sure you make your enquiry through our website, as sometimes we don’t answer direct emails if they look like spam. See our shipping prices in our shopping app.
Can we request a colour for a product that may not be on your website?
Yes. Most of the time we do not stock all colours on our website and there can be many more colours available.
Can we mix & match your children’s dance wear?
Yes, you can mix & match and make up your own costume by choosing designs from our website.
Can we provide our own fabric for a costume?
Yes you can provide your own fabric for costumes. It’s also highly recommended for a solo costume.
What’s the best way to wash my costume?
We recommend you hand wash your costume gently in cold water using a very mild washing powder. Be sure to check your local supermarket for mild washing powder. Do NOT dry clean your costumes. We do not take responsibility for any costumes after they have been washed.